Healing Through Harmony

Judy Li began volunteering with Alive in 2019, spending her Sunday mornings playing piano in the lobby or providing bedside violin to comfort patients. Judy is a part of the recently formed musical ensemble “Healing Through Harmony.” She shared with us the impact and legacy they wish to leave for the community.

“Many of us [in Healing Through Harmony] recognized that the healing powers of music extended beyond ourselves and could be used to comfort others. Many of the patients and families I met found a lot of joy and comfort in listening to their favorite songs.”

Vanderbilt Music Outreach, a student-led organization that gathers musicians who share this goal of service, regularly played for patients and families at the Nashville VA Hospital and Vanderbilt University Medical Center prior to the pandemic. As the pandemic shut down in-person visits, the group sought to find new ways to share.

“Healing Through Harmony,” is a virtual music performance collaboration between several Vanderbilt University musical organizations (Music Outreach, Concert Choir, Commodore Orchestra, Concert Band, and Piano Society). All of Healing Through Harmony’s members come from different backgrounds with varied musical backgrounds including those who have studied since childhood, recent learners, aspiring professionals, and lifelong hobbyists.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted so many of our lives and communities in ways that are not always seen or said. Good music can help us cope with these challenges. It moves us wherever we may be, brings people together, speaks universally ‘straight to the heart,’ as a patient I played for once put it.”

Watch as Healing Through Harmony share their talents here to lift our spirits during the pandemic.