Grant from West End Home Foundation Brings Comfort to Alive Hospice Visitors

The West End Home Foundation has awarded Alive a grant to make more comfortable accommodations for visitors to its Nashville residence. The grant will help pay for recliners and day beds that visitors can use to nap or spend the night when they are staying at the bedside of a patient in our Nashville residence. The recliners and day beds will make visits more comfortable, provide a place for rest and help loved ones be together for every remaining moment.

“Alive is incredibly grateful for the generosity of West End Home Foundation,” said Alive’s Senior Director of Philanthropy, Mac Hardcastle.

“They are unique in the sense that they are all about supporting older people. Most of our patients are 65+, so our care aligns with their mission. They have been a great support to us throughout the years.”

West End Home Foundation’s mission is to enrich the lives of older adults through grantmaking, advocacy and community collaboration. Over the past decade, West End Home Foundation has supported many of Alive’s capital needs and programs. They have provided grants for improvements in our residences, grief support for patient families, upgrades to our Nurse Line technology, Alive’s telehospice program – “Henry Hooker Alive Connect” and more.