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Nurse practitioner, hospice, care, career“I’ve had my own experiences with death and dying and grief. You don’t get through life without losing someone you love. We need to be present with people’s grief. We sit with them without telling them to dry their tears. Not everyone can do that.”

Josie is the nurse practitioner who provides the primary medical care to patients admitted to our Murfreesboro residence. Along with the residence’s medical director, she addresses symptom management, prescribes medication, and discusses questions and concerns with families. Josie joined Alive four years ago and found her calling.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of making a difference in people’s lives. We took care of a young immigrant during COVID. His entire family was in another country, and he didn’t have the funds to pay for care, so our charity care covered it. We were able to take care of him and be like his family– to feed him, walk with him, and hold his hand when his family couldn’t. We were able to complete a video call with his mother as he was dying. That use of technology to span the globe was a huge gift to him, his mother, and even to us.”

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