Family of Nashville’s first female bus driver honors her legacy after she passed due to COVID

“72-year-old Elizabeth Duff went from being told as a little girl she couldn’t ride in the front of the bus; due to segregation to taking the head seat of the bus in the 70s.

Harry Sr. and Liz were married 55 years and processing the grief of losing her will take time.

Alive Hospice’s Grief Center Director Ali Drescher says that’s normal and the Duff family isn’t alone. She says it’s best to let the grief out.

‘That person is going to live with that grief for the rest of their life. They should learn effective ways to manage it,’ Alive’s Grief Center Director Ali Drescher said.”

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Read on for more from Channel 5 News about the legacy of Elizabeth Duff and how Alive is helping those who’ve experienced a pandemic-related loss remember and heal.