Celebrating National Nurses Week

Honoring Our Healthcare Heroes

As we celebrate National Nurses Week, we are filled with gratitude for the incredible contributions made by nurses worldwide. Nurses often go beyond the call of duty to provide compassionate care and comfort to those in need. They work tirelessly, often sacrificing their own comfort and well-being to ensure the health and safety of their patients. Not only do they attend to the physical needs of their patients, but they also offer emotional support and reassurance, creating a sense of comfort and trust during difficult times. Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system, providing care not only to their patients but also to their families and colleagues. Their unwavering dedication and commitment to their profession make them truly exceptional.

At Alive, we believe in celebrating our nurses and hope you will join us in our ‘Thank You Nurses’ campaign to express your gratitude to our healthcare heroes.

Thank a Nurse Today

As part of our ‘Thank You Nurses’ campaign, we invite you to make a personal contribution in honor of a nurse today. Your donation, no matter the amount, is a heartfelt token of appreciation for the incredible work our nurses do every day. It’s a way for you to show that their efforts are seen and valued.

When you donate, you’re not just giving. You’re also given the opportunity to share a personal thank-you message. These heartfelt messages will be shared with all the nurses at Alive, creating a bond of appreciation and gratitude that extends throughout our community.

Join us in recognizing and uplifting our nurses.

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If you would like to simply leave a thank you message, please email info@alivehospice.org

Thank You, Nurses!

“Thank you Teresa. She is one of the best nurses Alive has ever had. Every volunteer I know has said, ‘If I am ever a patient at Alive, I want Teresa to take care of me.’ You are the best.”

– Alive Supporter

“Thank you to Heather Land for treating our father like family.”

– Kate Thompson

“Thank you to all the nurses for your dedication and compassion! Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed, I am endlessly grateful for everything you do. You are heroes, making a difference every single day.”

– Alive Supporter

“To the Maple team nurses who have been through so much change and stuck it out all the way- THANK YOU. Thank you for showing up every day. Thank you for the work you do day in and day out with our patients and families. Thank you for your patience in the field and in the office. Thank you for always taking the advice and being willing to be better. We have the best and Alive is so grateful for each of you!”

– Chelsey Crawford, Director of Clinical Care

“I am so grateful to all the amazing nurses on the Sycamore team! They each have the compassionate heart of a hospice nurse and it is clear that this is their calling. I am blessed to work among such amazing people. Thank is not nearly enough!”

– Amanda Dial, Director of Clinical Care

“It has been and continues to be my greatest honor to work alongside the nurses at Alive. What a gift to celebrate those that have taught, supported, and cared for me and my family! Happiest of Nurse’s Week to all the Alive nurses- admissions, liaisons, education, call center, IPU, home teams, leaders, and OF COURSE our on call nurses. You are all remarkable!”

– Krista Bullington, Sr. Director of Clinical Partnerships

“Thank you, Alive nurses, for your dedication and compassion with our patients and families. We appreciate you!”

– Teresa Cosgrove, Vice President of Finance

“It is an incredible honor to work closely with our nursing teams to witness the passion for providing the best experience for our patients and families at end of life. Thank you!”

– Jonathan Nicholls, Director of Materials Management

“To the nurses at Alive – Does it surprise anyone that I researched the origin of the word ‘nurse’? 😊 It made its way into modern English from the Latin word ‘nutricius,’ referring to a person who ‘nourishes’. Apparently, it was originally used to refer to a ‘wet-nurse’ and the nourishment of babies. Although we occasionally still use ‘nurse’ in this way, more commonly, of course, it’s used to designate a well-trained, highly-skilled person who provides expert care for people who are ill and unable to care for themselves. In hospice, I think the Latin root is deeply meaningful. Nurses evaluate patients carefully and expertly, listen respectfully, touch gently, clean thoroughly, and care deeply and compassionately. In other words, they nourish our patients and their families. And… they do this for each of us as well. I consistently hear praise for Alive’s nurses, and I always respond by saying “hospice nurses are angels.” Thanks to all of you for being our ‘nourishing angels.’ I hope you have felt honored and valued this week; you truly are.”

– David McRay, MD, HMDC, Chief Medical Officer

“Thank you, Nurses! I know you work beyond the boundaries of a timeclock, despite poor weather conditions, and down every country road to be sure patients receive the very best end of life care! Your strength, skill, and sincerity bring comfort to every patient who lays before you and every caregiver that looks to you! Your compassion is endless!! Happy Nurses Week!”

– Renee Wisby, LMSW, Director of Volunteer Services

“I can’t say enough about the nurses on Hickory and Maple (my two teams that I coordinate volunteers for). The physical, mental, and emotional work that they do every day is just so humbling to see. They inspire me to work hard and live compassionately; I hope they each feel appreciated and loved this week and always. Thank you, Nurses! ❤”

– Heather Bock, Volunteer Coordinator

“I so admire and appreciate not only the work that the nurses do, but even more so, the compassion they so evidently show.
Thank you nurses, for all that you give!”

– Trish Rather, Team Coordinator

“Thank you to all the Alive Nurses! Your compassion and dedication are noticed by us all and the families you serve. Thank you for all you do!”

– Jennifer Clouse, Team Coordinator

“It is humbling to think of the work our nurses do, I am constantly in awe of them. Our nurses embody grace, strength, and kindness, and it’s an honor to work alongside such remarkable individuals. Thank you to all our nurses for being an inspiration.”

– Christine Stiles, Sr. Graphic Designer

“I have made two patient referrals in the last month. I’ve also know someone who used Alive for their spouse, who passed away in February, and another whose mother just passed last week. All of these families have raved about our nurses here at Alive. The nurses’ attention, care, and compassion are what I hear the most.

Anytime I have mentioned where my new job is, I get tons of (unsolicited) positive feedback about Alive and the care their friend or family member received. I will say that the BEST form of flattery is being associated with a company who champions and supports these families throughout the grief process as we do. I have NEVER worked in a place where I didn’t immediately have to defend the medical care someone received because the families and caregivers are educated throughout the whole process, making them feel comfort in knowing that we DO care about their loved one. I am both honored and humbled by working here.

I’ve heard so often that when hospice was mentioned, Alive was their first choice—and they base it all of their experiences with our staff. In fact, I didn’t know other hospice companies existed prior to working here because all I knew for my 17 years living here in Tennessee was Alive as THE hospice organization of Tennessee.

Thank you all for being that kind, compassionate face of Alive that makes us stand out.”

– Rebecca Mounsey, Informatics Nurse Educator