Caregivers need help, but few realize how soon hospice benefits are available

“November is National Hospice Month and National Caregivers Month. It’s fitting that these two important topics “share” a month because hospice care is for caregivers just as much as it is for patients living out their final months and, sometimes, years. Unique in our healthcare system, hospice care was designed to bring holistic care to patients and their loved ones. An entire team (consisting of a doctor, nurse, nurse’s aide, social worker, chaplain, and grief counselor) brings resources to the whole family.


Sadly, many caregivers don’t realize how much or how soon hospice can help them. Many others fear calling a hospice means they are “giving up” on the loved one they’ve pledged to care for or that their loved one will have to leave their home to receive care. Still, others don’t think they can afford the help. Nothing could be further from the truth.”


Read more from Alive CEO/President Kimberly Goessele’s Op-Ed in the Tennessean.


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