Alive Staff Share Why They #LoveAlive

No matter what you do at Alive, you are a part of a team that loves people for a living. Being responsible for funding the mission at Alive, I often ask people why they support us. I hear some of the most uplifting reasons that make me proud to be a part of the team and give me an appreciation for all of humanity. I hear “You cared for my mother, but you healed my family” a lot.Mac Hardcastle, Senior Director of Philanthropy

I love how fellow staff members look out for one another so that we can all do our best work. I remember a time when a coworker from a different department spotted a large nail on the ground by the tire of my car. She took the time to pick it up, sparing me the potential of having a flat after leaving the office. I’ve kept that nail on my desk every day since as a reminder of one of the many reasons I #lovealive. Alissa Drescher, Senior Director of Mission Based Services

I worked for Alive for four years before leaving to take care of my husband. Ten years later I returned after losing him. I love that I not only get to make sure that my patients are taken care of, but also that I can give patients and their families the experience that my husband and our family were not as fortunate to receive when losing him. We care as much for making sure the family is comfortable and being taken care of as we do the patients and I love that!Lesley Yoho, Registered Nurse

Why do I #lovealive? My perception of death and end-of-life care was forever shaped by watching the experiences and care of my grandparents provided by Alive Hospice. It became one of my professional goals to work for the leader in hospice and palliative care in Middle Tennessee. I can’t believe I have the greatest honor of walking alongside patients and families during this time and hopefully carrying on the legacy of Alive, of creating a positive experience through some of their most difficult times.Rachel McCauley, Director of Intake and Admissions

I am just starting my journey here at Alive. My experience with hospice in general is not new. As a nurse, I have worked with many people that were at end of life and in hospice. This was a beautiful time for families to gather, laugh, and reminisce. I am always honored to be a part of this process. I am very excited to get to be a part of the Alive family!Kellie Pacheco, Registered Nurse


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