Alive Patient’s Work on Display at Cumberland University

Who hasn’t dreamed of getting away to a lovingly tended stone cabin in the woods? A place with a sheltered back porch perfect for watching a summer rainstorm, where the windows glow warmly with firelight after dark, and there is plenty of space for friends and family to visit when solitude grows dull.

Mr. St. Clair, a retired roofer, built just such a home in miniature. A home care patient with Alive, Mr. St. Clair spent 40 years as a roofer and taught himself to build miniatures as a way to stay busy during retirement. He has built 25 mini model homes, most in the style of log houses.

This home took about 4 months to make using materials from local home improvement businesses along with what he found in nature. His favorite parts are the chimney and den.

A Nashville native, Mr. St. Clair splits his time between Lebanon and Chattanooga.