Pediatric Hospice Care

Doctor caring for a pediatrics patientOur pediatric program helps families find strength when their children face serious and life-threatening illnesses. This program is one of the few hospice care providers for perinatal and pediatric patients in the nation and the only dedicated team in Middle Tennessee

The pediatric team, along with your child’s existing health care providers, develops a plan of care specific to the needs of your child. This individualized plan includes pain and symptom management and addresses the social and spiritual concerns of your family. By utilizing this comprehensive method of care, we enable children to do the things they love for as long as they are able.

Perinatal Care

The perinatal team offers compassionate support to parents who have learned during pregnancy that their baby has a life-limiting condition. Beginning at the time of diagnosis, a member of the team works with the parents to create a birth plan and then communicates that plan to the hospital staff prior to birth. If the baby is able to go home, perinatal care also provides a seamless transition to hospice care.

For more information about pediatric or perinatal hospice care, please call 615-327-1085.

Learn about pediatric hospice care:

"Our Alive Hospice physician looked at me and said, 'Caroline still has joy in her life.' I quickly learned that part of what our hospice team would do for us was to share in that joy, to relish all the good days and moments with us. Where many people looking at our lives saw only hurt and loss, our Alive Hospice team recognized that joy truly co-existed with sadness in all the corners of Caroline's life. That was much to be cherished about those final months."

--Alison Kirk, served by the pediatric hospice program at Alive