Strong Roots Grow New Shoots

With spring on the way, I’m reminded the tree in our logo is more than just a pretty picture. It symbolizes our deep roots in the community, the resilience needed to weather storms, the shelter we provide, and our ongoing growth.

Here are some of the exciting new ways we’re “branching out” this year:

  • We established our first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. For Black History Month the group hosted two inspiring local speakers and educated staff on Black history breakthroughs.
  • We’re evolving our mission services to better meet partner needs and build on our own vision of a community that values each moment, even at the end of life. Under the leadership of our new Senior Director of Mission-Based Services, Alissa Dresher, we’re offering interactive educational offerings to local organizations and new healing modalities in our Grief Center (expressive arts and G-TEP). This includes bringing virtual reality experiences and educational opportunities to our patients and grievers as well as professionals in the field!
  • We invested in our palliative care and medical services programs with the hire of new physicians and a new Palliative Care Medical Director, Alan Rozen, MD. Dr. Leila August who is board-certified in hospice and palliative medicine also joined us as a Medical Director for two of our home care teams.
  • In conjunction with our comprehensive campaign and the move to remote work for many of our team members, we are selling two of our downtown Nashville campus buildings to assist with funding our new mission services, the expansion of our Murfreesboro residence and upgrades to our Nashville residence and administrative buildings.

Your support allows us to go above and beyond standard hospice care with offerings like these.

Thank you!

Kimberly Goessele, Alive President and CEO

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