Local Partners Highlight Alive’s Holiday Grief Offerings

“Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the bright lights of the holidays are all around us. We are checking our lists and checking them twice. And we hope your list includes checking in with older neighbors, friends and relatives during the holidays. This is vital because for many older adults, the holidays are hard and can trigger feeling lonely or depressed.

Approximately 20% of the 42 million Americans aged 55 and older experience some kind of mental health concern, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with more than two million individuals over 65 suffering from depression. Experts say there are many factors that lead to older-age depression, such as realization of the passage of time, memories of family and friends who may have passed away and the loss of mobility and independence because of health challenges.

If you or an older loved one are facing grief at the “most wonderful time of the year,” Alive Hospice is offering several grief support programs throughout the holiday season, including a Hope for the Holidays seminar, a five-week holiday series support group and Tinsel and Tears Workshop.
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