Get Tickets for the 30th Annual Alive & The Bluebird Series

We’re just a few days away from the kickoff of our 30th annual Alive & The Bluebird series on January 3! Tickets are now available for the first full week of shows with more being added daily – see the ticket guide below. Join us for a month of shows featuring Brett Young, Kristian Bush, Kathy Mattea, Liz Rose, and more acclaimed singer-songwriters performing in the round in support of the patients and families we serve.

View the full calendar and see when tickets go live!


Tickets Available Now!

Tim Buppert, Jim McCormick, Rafe Van Hoy, & Mackenzie Wasner on Jan. 4 at 9pm

Tickets Available Now!

Danny Flowers. Gordon Kennedy, Mabel Pleasure & Pete Wasner on Jan. 5 at 9pm

Tickets Available Jan. 2!

James House, Kyle Jacobs, Jeff Cohen & Zoee on Jan. 6 at 9pm

Tickets Available Jan. 2!

Kent Blazy, Pat Alger, Tony Arata & Victoria Shaw on Jan. 7 at 6pm


Show Tickets Available Soon:

  • The Warren Brothers and friends on Jan. 11 at 9pm
  • Liz Rose, Audra Mae, Summer Overstreet & Alana Springsteen on Jan. 12 at 9pm
  • Dylan Altman, Marsall Altman & Gabe Dixon on Jan. 13 at 9pm


Ticket Guide

  • Monday – Thursday Shows: Become available a WEEK in advance at 8:00 AM CST
  • Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday Shows: Become available the Monday of that week at 8:00 AM CST
**This availability may look different for any special shows
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