Celebrating 45 Years, Happy Birthday Alive!

On November 14, 1975, Alive opened its doors and changed the way we care for individuals and their loved ones at the end of life. We are celebrating 45 years of enriching lives, and we are proud to be part of a legacy with such deep roots! We asked Alive staff to share some of their favorite memories, here’s what they said:

“It is very humbling to be stopped in public when wearing logo wear and be thanked for what Alive did for someone’s family. When I look back over my time at Alive, I see many things that make me so proud to say I am a part of this!” – Tammy Wilson, Call Center Resource Nurse

“I came to Alive Hospice in 1997. I had never had any experience with the dying before, and I was terrified I wouldn’t like it. But I loved it. I love my patients and their families, and I’ve also worked with wonderful people. I hope I work here forever!” – Christy Knox, Hospice Aide

“While I was a Clinical Director, a nurse called me from Southern Hills Hospital while she was completing an admission. She was admitting a young woman whose son was to graduate high school in about a month. Her only wish was to see her son graduate, and our nurse asked for permission to make the graduation happen for this patient. She called the high school principal and arranged for him to provide the student with his cap and gown, bring the diploma, and the graduation happened at the hospital that day. I’m always amazed at what our staff can make happen for the patients!” – Renee Wisby, Director of Volunteer Services

“Many people might not know that Alive once had a sister hospice in South Africa. They had many needs, and even the smallest amount of help was appreciated. NHPCO encouraged hospices to join the program, and we had fundraisers, craft sales, and other events to raise money for that hospice. On one occasion, some of the staff from South Africa came to the states for the annual NHPCO Leadership Conference. Before going to Washington for the conference, they visited us. They helped connect Alive with a drumming group in Atlanta, who also came to visit us. We filled the Gene Harris room with staff and had a drumming class. It was the first time I had ever done that. There was so much joy in that room with us learning more about their culture and them joining us. It was one of my favorite days at Alive.” – Jill Cornwell, Magnolia Clinical Director

Watch Alive’s journey throughout the years in this recap video: