Alive in the News, July 2018

The “Portfolio” section of The Tennessean, from Sunday, July 1.

Alive Hospice was recently interviewed by The Tennessean about our grief camps for kids. Web MD also spoke to us to learn more about what a “good death” is.

From WebMD

“Most people think of hospice as a place people go to die. At Alive Hospice in Nashville, it’s where they go to live as well as possible until they die.”

“Chief medical officer Robert Berkompas, MD, said the nonprofit hospice treats 4,000 patients a year with a prognosis of six months or less to live. Most of the care is done at home by a team of nurses, doctors, counselors, and others who work in a variety of health care fields.”

“’We actually ask them: What are their expectations? What are their desires? It’s fairly common they don’t want to suffer physically, with pain and nausea and swelling, so we address all that,’ Berkompas says.”