Maple Society

Maple Society logoThe Maple tree is a traditional symbol for the virtues of offering and generosity. Thank you for your interest in Alive's monthly giving program! Your monthly gift will help to guarantee the support of programs all year.

What is the Maple Society?

The Maple Society allows you to easily make a gift to Alive in regular monthly installments via credit card or bank draft.

How does monthly giving help Alive?

Monthly contributions provide Alive with a steady, on-going source of funding. Gifts made through this program help keep our administrative costs low, cut down on mailing costs and paper, and allow more of each gift to be used to support our mission-based services.

Can I make changes to my monthly giving?

Absolutely! Your membership is voluntary and you can increase, decrease or stop your monthly giving at any time by contacting us at 615-327-1085 or


Call us at 615-327-1085 or email

How can I participate?

By Mail via Bank Draft or Credit Card:

Download the form, complete, and return the Maple Society Enrollment Form to:
Alive, C/O Maple Society, 1718 Patterson Street, Nashville, TN 37203
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Online Bank Draft:

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Online Credit Card: