• Postcards from Camp

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    Postcards from Camp

    Our grief support camps are a safe place for kids ages 6-14 who are grieving the death of someone important in their lives.

  • Does Alive have the solution to a national problem?

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    Does Alive have the solution to a national problem?

    Alive is well known here in Middle Tennessee; we were the first hospice provider in the Southeast, as you may recall. But our star is on the rise because of some of the innovative things we’re doing within the realm of training and education, and we’re attracting attention on the national stage.

  • Advocacy Focus Groups are yielding valuable insights

    Alive Institute

    Advocacy Focus Groups are yielding valuable insights

    It is no secret that minorities in America are underrepresented in hospice care. Studies have been conducted around the nation to help explain why, but Alive wanted to learn the attitudes and opinions of our local communities. Starting in 2016, we began a series of Advocacy Focus Groups.

  • How Alive Hospice Saved Our Family

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    How Alive Hospice Saved Our Family

    Rick Scarola remembers his grandmother, Ethel Brosgarth, as the family matriarch. She was 4-foot-10 inches tall, but larger than life. She drove until the age of 89. She was feisty, he recalled, something he always loved about her. In many ways, she was the rock of the family. When you were with her, he said, you were home.

  • Jackson National Life Insurance

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    Jackson National Life Insurance

    You can tell a lot about a company not only by the earnings it generates, but by the good it does. Jackson National Life Insurance Company® (Jackson®) is well established as a provider of retirement products for industry professionals and their clients. Just as consumers invest with Jackson, the company also invests in communities where its associates live and work through a dedicated corporate social responsibility program.

  • Cowan Benefit Services

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    Cowan Benefit Services

    Every day, Cowan Benefit Services (a division of Hub International Limited) helps companies all across Middle Tennessee take care of their employees as a benefits broker. And every day, as he walks the halls of Cowan Benefit between phone calls and meetings, President Matt Cowan passes by a series of colorful posters with special significance.

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