Published on September 8, 2020

As a legacy I hope to leave memories of myself as a role model for how to provide a stable foundation on top of which formulation of ideas, recalibration of goals, and growth can occur. I hope this will be remembered through my work in public spaces such as contributions to the founding of Alive, the introduction of mediation into the dispute-solving sphere of Tennessee, volunteerism in the community, and my psychotherapy practice.

I also hope the role modeling will be remembered in private spaces that primarily involve my children, grandchildren, and extended family.

I would like it remembered that I tried to offer dependability, stability, and thoughtful problem-solving to help people and organizations through times of chaos, times of despair, times of stress, and times of positive change. I would like it remembered that I tried to help people and organizations become and be the best that they could be and feel proud of what they had achieved. In short, I guess I want to be remembered as a “mother,” in the very broadest, and I hope best, definition of that word.

- Lynn Barton, LCSW, Alive Co-Founder

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