Support for Long-term Care Residents

Did you know that residents in long-term care communities can receive additional medical care and emotional support paid for by Medicare?

People with a life limiting illness may be eligible to receive hospice care along with the care they already receive in their long-term care community. Hospice care is a Medicare benefit designed to provide specialty care to patients as they approach the end of life AND their loved ones who also need support during this sacred time.

The Hospice Team

The hospice team includes a doctor, an aide, a nurse, a social worker, and a chaplain. Alive also employs a pharmacist to oversee all medications. In addition to symptom relief and comfort care, the team helps make end-of-life wishes come true and assists in planning final days. Afterward, they are there to help with burial options and grief counseling as long as needed. All care is coordinated by Alive with the patient’s primary medical team and is provided in the residence where they are already living.

Would you like to know if your loved one qualifies for the hospice care benefit?

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