Group Simulated Training

For End-of-Life Conversations

For Health Care Providers, Health Care Professionals, and Health Care Students interested in developing or improving skills for End-of-Life Conversations.

Having end-of-life conversations is hard.

A lot is at stake. These sensitive conversations with patients and loved ones in a fragile state are remembered vividly. You know difficult news will be hard for them to accept, you fear crushing their hopes, and you don’t want them to feel abandoned. Yet, chances are your training did not prepare you.

We can help you and your patients.

Graphic for physicians, health care professionals, and students at the Alive Institute

A Great Challenge  and the Opportunity
to Create Meaningful Change

In the report Dying in America (September 2014), the Institute of Medicine identified the need for greater understanding – by both the public and care professionals – as one of the greatest remaining challenges in the delivery of high- quality end-of-life care.

They recognized deficiencies include insufficient attention to “developing clinicians’ ability to talk effectively to patients about dying.”

The Need

It can take many years to learn how to do it well and to feel confident without focused training.

Made possible with generous support from The Memorial Foundation, this Group Simulated Experience  can accelerate the learning process for health care professionals and lead to better experiences for patients and families.

This training is for you if:

  • You have little or no experience with end-of-life conversations
  • You have experience and would like to hone your skills
  • You would like a safe place to receive constructive feedback
  • You want the best for the patients you serve

“ … regardless of medical intervention, the death rate remains stable at 100%. We’re all going to do this. The question is: Are we doing it in a way that really is what we’re looking for, and if not, why not?

"I think the challenge in today’s world is to really come to recognize that what we were taught is good care and fix it at all costs may not be good care anymore, and it may not be the care the patient wants.”

— Dr. Robert Goldmann , Director, Palliative Care Services
Hospice of Chattanooga

From Nashville Public Television’s "Aging Matters: End of Life”


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Learning Objectives

  • Become comfortable having these sensitive and very important discussions
  • Learn through action: Work through emotionally (and sometimes medically and ethically) challenging conversations in a safe, lifelike setting 
  • Hone your skills and develop a personal style to discuss end-of-life options
  • Learn to de-escalate conversations
  • Learn ways to introduce goals of care
  • Learn how to align with patients and respond empathetically 


  • A 3-hour, group participatory process to work through numerous scenarios
  • Designed and facilitated by experts with decades of experience, supported by medical, evidence-based research
  • Conveniently located at the Alive Institute (intersection of 18th Avenue North and Patterson Street), or we can come to you
  • Cost: $100 per person (minimum of 8 people per group; maximum of 12 people)

    Organizations may request private group training at a rate of $800 for a group of 8, or $900 for groups larger than 8 (maximum of 12 participants)







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