Thank you, Ben Jones!

Published on May 18, 2018


Alive Hospice is grateful to Titans center Ben Jones for supporting our grief support services, which include grief camps for kids. Jones has quickly established himself as both a philanthropist and a role model here in Nashville.

He recently explained his motivation to give back to a Titans reporter, "I lost my dad at 10, so that is why we picked the grief counseling, to give kids who have lost a loved one, a grandparent, a mom or dad, or brother, support. It sends them to camps to show them how to deal with that. I dealt with mine through sports...Not everybody has that, and it gives those kids a way to cope with it.”

“It is not a perfect life for anybody,” Jones said. “I know I had my struggles growing up through injuries and losing my father, and I had people step in and help me, and they were great role models for me. The least I can do is help other people, especially kids.”

Read more about his foundation here.