Alive Hospice staff honored at Salute to Nurses Awards

Published on June 5, 2015

Salute-to-Nurses-Awards.jpgNot every organization can claim a Nurse of the Year Award winner and a Vision of Nursing Award winner as their own, but Alive Hospice can!

Alive Hospice President and CEO Anna-Gene O'Neal and Clinical Director Jill Cornwell received two of The Tennessean's five Salute to Nurses Awards on June 2. Both received standing ovations as they were announced as winners of these prestigious awards, O'Neal as 2015 Nurse of the Year, and Cornwell as Vision of Nursing Award winner.

The Nurse of the Year Award is bestowed upon a nurse who who has demonstrated a dedication to the field of nursing and has sought increasing responsibility in the workplace and within the nursing community; has a demonstrated passion for improving patient care, quality of life and patient outcomes;  whose achievements are evidenced by the overwhelming recognition of peers and community leaders; and who is known as a role model for nurses.

O'Neal has served as president and CEO of Alive Hospice since 2012.

The Vision of Nursing Award is given to a nurse who demonstrates a vision of nursing that makes care better for patients and care delivery better for their associates – essentially where nurses lead the change; whose focus encompasses patient at the center, family involved as appropriate, caring and compassion.

Cornwell joined the staff of Alive Hospice in 1994 as a nurse and has served in a variety of capacities including director of health information management, director of performance improvement and training, and clinical director of Alive Hospice home care teams.

Additionally, Alive Hospice had three more finalists and a nominee in attendance at the awards ceremony:

  • Barbara Brennan, Chief Nursing Officer/Chief Operating Officer -- Finalist
  • Jeff Sidler, Clinical Director of Alive Hospice Residence Nashville -- Finalist
  • Pennie Brooks, Home Care Nurse -- Finalist
  • Sarah Lancaster, Home Care Nurse -- Nominee

Thanks to The Tennessean for honoring Middle Tennessee nurses in this special way, and congratulations to all award winners, finalists and nominees!