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Published on July 31, 2014

New program helps patients’ pets get the care they need

PPOM.jpgJuly 31, 2014

Dogs and cats become part of the family, and they depend on their human companions to take care of them. That can be hard for someone who’s terminally ill, but Alive Hospice patients now have a way to give their pets the care they need: the Pet Peace of Mind program.

Alive Hospice has partnered with Banfield Charitable Trust to offer this new program, which helps provide for pets’ day-to-day needs and long-term well-being. Alive Hospice volunteers assist in several ways such as

  • taking dogs and cats for veterinary visits and grooming appointments
  • walking dogs
  • delivering pet food and supplies.

Additionally, Banfield Charitable Trust offers funding to help cover veterinary care and other pet necessities.

Alive Hospice is the first hospice provider in Tennessee to offer the Pet Peace of Mind program in conjunction with Banfield Charitable Trust.

How you can help

Animal-lovers in Middle Tennessee can help in several ways:

  • By volunteering with Alive Hospice’s Pet Peace of Mind program and spreading the word about this service. Click here to apply online.
  • Kennels, veterinarians and animal hospitals can help by providing short-term boarding for dogs and cats.

“Alive Hospice provides care and support for patients and their families, and we consider pets to be part of the family,” said Alive Hospice President and CEO Anna-Gene O’Neal. “With Alive Hospice’s Pet Peace of Mind program and our incredible volunteers, patients can spend time enjoying their beloved dogs and cats rather than worrying about how they’ll be cared for. As any animal-lover can imagine, that’s a tremendous comfort.”

Banfield Charitable Trust, which was established by Banfield Pet Hospital in 2004, works to keep people and pets together through a variety of programs including Pet Peace of Mind. Over the last decade, Banfield Charitable Trust has grown to include more programs and works with a wide array of organizations from nonprofit shelters and hospices to human food banks to pet food companies.

“Hospices work hard to meet both the physical and emotional needs of their patients and we want to create a program that helps support the emotional side in a significant way,” said Dianne McGill, executive director and CEO of the Banfield Charitable Trust. “The human-pet bond is incredibly special. If we can help keep a patient and their pet together, we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.”

Founded in Middle Tennessee in 1975, Alive Hospice is a nonprofit organization that provides compassionate end-of-life care, palliative care, grief support and community education. With a service area of 12 Middle Tennessee counties, Alive Hospice provides 24/7 personalized care that is focused on helping patients live meaningfully amid life-limiting illnesses and loss. Alive Hospice is accredited by The Joint Commission. 


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