Saint Thomas West Inpatient Unit

4220 Harding Road
Wing 3-B
Nashville, TN 37205

Located on the third floor of Saint Thomas West Hospital in Nashville, this 16-bed inpatient unit serves the needs of those patients requiring General Inpatient Care (GIP). This unit is designed for critical patients with short-term hospice needs that cannot be managed at home.

As with Alive Hospice’s home care program, Alive Hospice at St. Thomas West Hospital provides a full continuum of care, ranging from symptom control (nausea, vomiting, etc.) and pain management for patients, to bereavement services and education for their families. Each patient is provided with a clean, comfortable, secure room. While each room is furnished, residents are encouraged to bring treasured personal items to customize their living quarters. Medicines and medical equipment pertaining to the hospice diagnosis are also provided.